Water Conservation

Water is essential to each of us every day. But it's a limited resource, so we all need to rethink the way we use water on a daily basis.

Measure and Estimate Water Wasted Due to Leaks

Average Water Usage

  • Showering 5 minutes - 25 gallons
  • Showering 5 minutes (low flow) - 15 gallons
  • Lawn Watering (hand) - 10 gallons
  • Dishwasher full cycle - 15 gallons
  • Clothes washer full cycle - 60 gallons
  • Clothes washer full cycle (water saving) - 15 gallons
  • Flushing toilet (regular) - 5 to 7 gallons
  • Flushing toilet (low flow) - 1.6 gallons or less
  • Leaking toilet - 60 gallons per day
  • Washing a car (20 minutes with 5/8" diameter water hose) - 97 gallons
  • Washing a car (20 minutes with 5/8" diameter water hose and pistol grip nozzle) - 15 gallons

Use the following links for water conservation tips:

Toilet Retrofit Rebate

The District will provide up to a $120 rebate for the purchase and installation of a new 1.6 gallon per flush or less toilet to replace and inefficient toilet manufactured prior to 1992. Attach the original purchase receipt and verification of the toilet model, then mail or hand deliver this request to the District's address above. The rebate may be subject to inspection by district staff to confirm program compliance. The District will not provide rebates for toilets in new construction, additions or replacement of existing 1.6 gallon per flush toilets. Click HERE to download and application.

Turf Removal Rebate

Although the District is no longer offering a turf removal rebate program at this time, the Department of Water Resources has a turf removal rebate program. The Department of Water Resources (DWR) program is for removing turf and replacing it with landscapes that require little water at California single-family residences to support the State's drought response. To get more information, or to file a claim please go to www.saveourwaterrebates.com